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200Markets Fully Enhanced Ecommerce in One Solution!

Whether you are "Going Global" or just need to enhance your domestic site, the 200Markets Demandware LINK
Cartridge provides the advanced tools necessary to increase conversion, ROI, and customer satisfaction.
Why integrate with six vendors when one solution Completes the Ecommerce Puzzle?

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About 200Markets.

A complete solution for medium to large Ecommerce sites seeking to enhance their shipping solutions by providing Domestic and International shipping services.

  • Instantly offer UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS.
  • Real-time rating, labels,and tracking.
  • Landed costs presented in real-time during checkout.
  • Customs and Duties paperwork fully automated.
  • Address Verification Services.
  • Currency conversion for international customers.
  • Dynamic Image Service to handle all image resizes automatically.
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Facts about Ecommerce.

55% of Abandoned Shopping carts are due to high shipping charges.


Surveys say consumers are open to borderless shopping. Brazil is leading the global e-shopping charge with 81 per cent of consumers keen to shop in different markets online, followed by Indonesia (77%), Thailand (74%), China (69%) and Spain (66%).

Rakuten survey, late 2011

40% of UK shoppers make purchases from “foreign” websites, 21% of Germans, and 23% of French.

Fiona Gandy, Key Account Manager at 7thingsmedia

By 2015, China will surpass the US to become the largest e-commerce market in the world, with an astounding 30 Million consumers expected to shop online for the first time every year until 2015.

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